Health Problems Caused by High Blood Pressure

Show contentWhat is Blood Pressure?Damaging Effects of Uncontrolled High Blood PressureWhat is a Hypertensive Crisis?When Should You Consider Blood Pressure TreatmentProtect Your Cardiovascular Health High blood pressure (hypertension) can be tricky because people don’t realize they have it a lot of the time. But uncontrolled high blood pressure can put you at risk for potentially […]

Why Is Nutrition Important For A Healthy Life?

Show contentWhat is Good Nutrition?10 Ways Good Nutrition Boosts Your Overall HealthHow to Get Your Nutrition On Track? What you eat in a day makes a massive difference in your health. You probably know what healthy eating looks like: less sugar, fewer stops to the drive-through, and more fruits and veggies. But when it comes […]

5 Signs You Need To See A Gynecologist


Show content#Sign 1 Vaginal itching or discharge#Sign 2 Menstrual irregularities#Sign 3 Sores or blisters on genitals#Sign 4 Bleeding in between periods#Sign 5 Painful intercourseAbout Complete Healthcare – Primary Care and Gynecology The thought of seeing a gynecologist can make you feel nervous or embarrassed, but it is essential to ensure that you stay healthy. An […]

5 Tips To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

physical activity

Show content#Tip 1 Avoid artificial trans fats#Tip 2 Know your cholesterol levels and have them checked regularly#Tip 3 Eat heart-healthy foods#Tip 4 Increase your physical activity#Tip 5 Lose weightAbout Complete Healthcare – Primary Care and Gynecology Cholesterol is a fatty substance that vital in building healthy cells. Some forms of cholesterol help the body’s regular […]