Methadone treatment now available in Franklinton

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Health Problems Caused by High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) can be tricky because people don’t realize they have it a lot of the time. But uncontrolled high blood pressure can put you at risk for potentially life-threatening complications.  According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around one out of three American adults have high blood pressure. […]

5 Signs You Need To See A Gynecologist


The thought of seeing a gynecologist can make you feel nervous or embarrassed, but it is essential to ensure that you stay healthy. An appointment with a gynecologist is vital since most women can’t tell the difference between what’s “normal” and what may be a sign of a reproductive health problem. From Menstrual irregularities to […]

5 Tips To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

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Cholesterol is a fatty substance that vital in building healthy cells. Some forms of cholesterol help the body’s regular functions. For example, we need cholesterol in our skin cells to make vitamin D from sunlight. In addition, our body also uses cholesterol to make certain hormones and fat-dissolving bile acids. However, if your blood contains […]