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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the use of hormones that have an identical chemical structure to the hormones that the human body naturally produces. This therapy is effective in treating the symptoms of menopause.

Bioidentical Hormones & Hormone Replacement Therapy

Harvard Health published a report on Bioidentical Hormones which discussed how BHRT is referred to as natural hormone therapy because bioidentical hormones act in the body just like the hormones produced by the ovaries. Your body can’t distinguish bioidentical hormones from the ones your ovaries produce which allow them to be monitored more precisely and treatment can be highly patient-specific.

Menopause is a naturally occurring process in a woman’s body when her periods (menstruation) eventually stop and the body goes through changes caused by a gradual decrease, and eventual failure, of the ovaries ability to produce estrogen. In most women, this occurs between the ages of 45 – 55. The most common symptom of menopause, occurring in up to 75% of women, is hot flashes.  Hot flashes are marked by a sudden feeling of heat that seems to come from inside and covers the entire body and face.

In menopause, a woman may experience several discomforting symptoms that can interfere with her daily life. Common menopause symptoms include:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Thinning of the Vaginal Lining
  • Gradual Bone Loss
  • Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • Difficulty Achieving Orgasm


Why Bioidentical Hormones?

If you are a woman nearing the age of menopause or already experiencing symptoms of menopause then you have probably heard of how to manage the symptoms of menopause with synthetic hormone replacement therapy. If you have, then you have also heard of the many unhealthy side effects as a result of synthetic hormone replacement therapy including cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Many women are unaware they have a safer option to treat the hormonal imbalances caused by menopause. Natural, bioidentical hormones have proven to be very successful in treating the symptoms of menopause for many women.

Are Bioidentical Hormones Right for Me?

Most women who are experiencing the symptoms of menopause are candidates for hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones. After Dr. Samuel determines that you are in hormonal decline through a thorough history, physical examination, and laboratory tests, he can prescribe the correct dosing of bioidentical hormones for you.

If you are a woman experiencing the symptoms of menopause and are interested in learning more about your hormone replacement therapy options, contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Samuel.

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