The Safest Solutions to Improve Fertility

The Safest Solutions to Improve Fertility


Infertility is a sensitive and difficult problem that many couples face. There are several things couples can do to increase their chances of conceiving. It is most important to stay healthy and let go of bad habits. Chances of infertility can decrease by focusing on your overall health.

Weight & Exercise

Excessive weight and lack of exercise can have a negative effect on your health because of the added estrogen that results from fat cells in your body. Women who are trying to conceive should regularly exercise to increase overall health and their chances of pregnancy.

Diet & Vitamins

Your ability to conceive largely depends on your health and particularly your diet. A proper diet should be balanced with the appropriate vitamin and protein intakes. Eating the proper fruits and vegetables can help your body and so can supplemental vitamins.

Contain Stress Levels

Stress levels in women have also been proven as a cause for infertility. This is because high stress levels can impact your hormonal balance which can damage your ability to conceive. Once you and your partner have decided to conceive, it is time to reduce the areas of stress in your life. Find ways to reduce stress, such as going for walks, taking a long bath, or getting a massage.

Decrease Caffeine Intake

Caffeine can greatly impact your ability to conceive if you are taking more than 500mg a day. Many women do rely on coffee and it can be hard to cut out completely, but controlling your caffeine intake is important. Pay attention to your caffeine consumption daily: caffeinated tea, soft drinks, and coffee can significantly decrease your ability to conceive.

Infertility Treatment

If all else fails, modern science has made it possible for couples struggling with infertility to become pregnant. The best gynecologist in Columbus offers infertility treatments to those couples who are struggling.
There are several methods that can improve your ability to conceive. Contact Complete Healthcare for Women to find out what your options are.