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Lasers are gradually used to tackle issue such a wrinkles and textural changes, skin laxity, hyper pigmentation, vascularity and excess fat accretion. The laser beam used in laser resurfacing will take away your external layer of skin, called the epidermis. It simultaneously heats the underlying skin, called the dermis. This works to stimulate the growth of new collagen fiber. As the treated part heals, the new skin that forms is smoother and firm.

Latisse is the first FDA-approved remedy for inadequate lashes. Have your lashes begun to thin over time? Do you want filler and longer lashes? Speak to Dr. Milroy Samuel to see if Latisse is correct for you.

Juvederm is a family of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used to provide 9 months to one year of correction for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth). It adds temporary volume and a smoother appearance to skin.

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laser treatment

MicroLaserPeel is one of the newest advances in skin resurfacing which uses a special laser to address the conditions of your skin...


By using Juvederm, we can fill in the lines in your face, plump up your lips, and soften your features. This is a smooth consistency gel...​


Restylane is most commonly used for lip enhancement (volume and contouring). It is used to diminish wrinkles and aging lines of the face...

Toe Nail

A toenail is produced by living skin cells in the toe. A toenail consists of several parts including the nail plate (the visible part of the nail)...

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Recently I received the G-spot surgery to enhance my overall sexual experience. Once I had this surgery, I can honestly say that my intimacy with my husband is phenomenal. Now the level of pleasure that I experience during love making is comparable to that of his and I am overjoyed. Dr. Samuel exceeded my expectations.
Age, 31
A few weeks ago I saw Dr. Samuel for these terrible spider veins I had on my legs. He advised me that there are laser treatments that he performs that would "zap" my spider veins away! I had the laser vein removal performed three times, and my legs look awesome! I do not have spider veins anymore! I can't wait for summer to come to show off my new legs!
Age, 28
I was embarrassed at first at the thought of receiving anything from a cosmetic surgery center as a man, but when I finished six laser hair removal treatments I was happy I did. I actually started noticing a difference after two treatments. My skin feels great and there's no sign of unwanted hair. Plus, he has some fine girls working for him.
Age, 26