G-Spot Amplification

An injection delivered to the G-Spot region to increase sexual arousal and heighten orgasms.

Autologous Fat Transfer to the Anterior Vaginal Wall (G-spot amplification)

The so-called “G-spot“refers to a spot in the vagina which is very responsive to sexual stimulation. The procedure of Autologous fat transfer to the vagina is carried out either under local anesthesia or twilight sedation, according to the patient’s wish. This happens by injecting autologous fat tissue or hyaluronic acid as a filler.

G Spot is positioned about 5 cm away from the vaginal opening in the anterior vaginal wall and is about the size of a coin.  It feels like a spongy bump which is dissimilar from the other part of the vaginal lining. The aim is to augment the G-spot to double its original size so as to attain sufficiently intensified stimulation during the action.

For the patient who desires enhancement of her sexual experience and has a history of pelvic floor dysfunction, fat augmentation to the anterior vaginal wall with or without vaginoplasty could improve some of the effects caused by aging and childbirth.

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Recently I received the G-spot surgery to enhance my overall sexual experience. Once I had this surgery, I can honestly say that my intimacy with my husband is phenomenal. Now the level of pleasure that I experience during love making is comparable to that of his and I am overjoyed. Dr. Samuel exceeded my expectations.
Age, 31