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AllerEx presents the “Gold Standard” in allergy testing and immunotherapy.  The AllerEx Allergy Test is a “needle free-pain free” percutaneous (skin scratch) test that tests for the 70 most common regional allergies at one time.

About AllerEx Allergy Test

Once the AllerEx Allergy Test develops on the patient’s back it reveals three important pieces of information to the medical provider: first, that the patient is allergic, second, what the patient is allergic to, and third, the degree to which the patient is allergic.

The AllerEx Allergy Test and Allergy Immunotherapy are born out of over 100 years of research, plus almost 5 years of development, test marketing, and applied sales.  AllerEx products are designed to be “patient centric”, that is with the patient’s experience in mind.  The AllerEx Allergy Test is completely pain free.  The AllerEx Allergy Immunotherapy is produced in both subcutaneous and sublingual applications.  The AllerEx Allergy Subcutaneous Immunotherapy is administered via injection.  The AllerEx Allergy Sublingual Immunotherapy is administered via drops under the tongue.

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The subcutaneous immunotherapy is injected into the patient each week on the same day at the same time by the doctor.  The patient must then remain in the doctor’s office for at least 15 minutes under observation for anaphylactic shock.  The sublingual immunotherapy is placed under the patient’s tongue by the patient in the convenience and privacy of their home twice a day each day.   Most patients opt for the sublingual immunotherapy because of the ease of use, safety, and efficacy as established by decades of clinical studies.

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